Applying for Swiss Gymnasium

Applying for Swiss Gymnasium in Zurich

Did your child come home with an excellent school report (Zeugnis) and the teacher thinks that your child should give the exam a try? Below are the next steps.

How to apply for Gymnasium entry in Zurich

The deadline for registration to the entrance exam is usually mid February. Students first have to register on the Zurich Zentrale Aufnahmeprufung webpage with a PIN code. To complete registration, students need their report card. Most schools also ask for proof of age and some require other documents, so be sure to check if you have everything that is required! While students can apply for a Gymnasium of their choice, there is no guarantee that your child will get into the chosen school!

Registration deadlines

Gymnasium registration usually starts in November and ends in mid February and the exam takes place in March. 

The exam

The exam is divided in three parts and the duration varies according to the different types of high school. Note that requirements changed in the last years so be sure to check that your information is up to date or get advice from an educational specialist.

Entrance exam Langgymnasium

Written exam

  • German: Text comprehension and grammar
  • German: Essay 
  • Mathematics
Entrance exam Kurzgymnasium, HMS, FMS

Written exam

  • German: Text comprehension and grammar
  • German: Essay 
  • Maths

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