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How you support your international employees may be changing but are the needs of your international-based employees? An ever-growing number of companies are phasing out full ex-pat packages with benefits such as private schooling and transitioning to a local approach, but with almost half of all international assignees accompanied by a dependent family, education integration is an issue that global companies cannot ignore.

Why educational support is so important for your company

Helping your employees and their families integrate is essential for a successful hire and a long-term tenure.

The best way to “localise” your employee is arguably by helping them to settle their children in school life quickly. Unfortunately, there is a notable absence of support to help families navigate the educational landscape and sourcing schools in their new country.

Relocation agencies may offer high-level information on the Swiss education system; however, they primarily focus on international schools and have little detailed knowledge about all the options available. Parents frequently turn to us because they feel they are left struggling to find meaningful information about local and alternative schooling options.

Why work with us?

With over 10 years of experience working with international companies and incoming ex-pat families, we know that family issues consistently top the list of leading reasons for assignee failure.

Engaging a local specialist to provide insight into the education options in Switzerland will significantly reduce the overall stress of relocation for your global assignee and family.

The happier the family is, the longer the retention and the greater the success of your employee.

How we can work together

As well as offering guidance for the onboarding and integration of new staff, we also offer ongoing support for settled employees who are transitioning through the school system. 

From in-company seminars and webinars to 1-1 support packages for employees. we offer fully customized education packages to suit your employment targets and business culture.

Our packages

We help companies prepare their new employees and their  families for relocation to or within Switzerland  in one of two ways:

As a corporate referral

You simply include information about us in your relocation packet. In this case, your employee contacts us directly to engage our services.

As a compensated employee benefit

In-company presentations/ webinars for all staff

From setting expectations for the School year ahead and its challenges to navigating the school calendar, we offer subject based presentations in-company / virtual.

Past webinar topics included:

  • Navigating the Swiss School System 
  • Local, Bilingual or International School: An Overview of Different Options
1: 1 support: Local plus education starter package

The Comprehensive option is ideal to support incoming staff before and after their arrival. This package adds real value for relocating families as gathering information from the relevant schools and education authorities can be an extremely time-consuming process.

Employees benefit from:

  • Support and guidance on available school options prior to relocation
  • An overview of the available options with the relocating family.
  • Help to liaise with the selected school/s or local school authorities regarding the registration and application process.
1: 1 support: Ongoing employee support

Support for onboarding staff usually ends, once the assignee and the family are settled. However, often questions or issues with school emerge at a later stage. From communication with school to cultural issues, or problems with a teacher, the family often feels left alone.
We offer these families ongoing, ad-hoc support for any issues that might come up.

Employees benefit from:

  • Ongoing bespoke 1:1 and parents group support to address school issues
  • Help with school communication and
    parent-teacher conferences.

A recent BBC report identified educational costs as the biggest obstacle for relocation.

That’s a challenge not only for the expatriate but also for HR professionals because they still need to attract foreign talent and find ways to keep them.
Sébastien Deschamps
ExpatFinder’s founder

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