Day school coverage in Zürich city

The future of day schools in Zürich

The results for this Sunday’s referendum on extending coverage of all-day schools in Zürich are in and those of you hoping for more day schools can breathe a sigh of relief as Zürich voters gave a resounding yes to extending the coverage of all-day schools in Zürich!

Here is some background about the project:

The pilot project “Tagesschule 2025” started last year at 6 schools. This project introduced a full day school in Zurich city, meaning that students have the option to stay at school for lunch and after school on days with afternoon classes.

Under this new model, pre-school, lunch and after school care will be provided from 7am to 6pm.
Children will get lunch and afternoon snacks and have the option to complete their homework under supervision. Parents pay 6 francs per lunchtime and child, or less, depending on income. It should be stressed that after school care in Switzerland is more about child care than offering extra curricula-type activities, so it is still up to parents to organise after-school learning or sports activities.

Where can I find a day school in Zürich?

Currently, six projects schools are implementing a day structure, including: Aegerten, Am Wasser, Albisriederplatz, Blumenfeld, Leutschenbach und Schauenberg schools.

In a second phase, the project will be rolled out in another 24 schools by 2022. Before this can happen, Zurich voters were asked to approve a credit to cover the estimated cost of 74.57 million francs in a referendum on last Sunday, June 10th. Following the positive outcome, the following schools will adapt the all-day school model between 2018-2022:
Altstetterstrasse, Balgrist-Kartaus, Bungertwies, Dachslernstrasse-Feldblumen, Fluntern-Heubeeribüel, Hans Asper, Heumatt, Hirzenbach, Hutten, Gubel, Ilgen, Kappeli, Kornhaus, Limmat, Mattenhof, Neubühl, Nordstrasse, Pfingstweid, Riedtli, Scherr, Schütze, Staudenbühl und Weinberg-Turner

Since the second phase of the project is now approved, it is expected that the day school model will ultimately be rolled out across Zurich city.

Swissinfo has a very informative article on the evolution of lunch and after school care in Switzerland:


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