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Is homeschooling in English an option for international families ?

International families wanting to homeschool their children in Switzerland often wonder if it is possible to do so in their native language. As homeschool requirements vary across Switzerland, so do language requirements. Most cantons in Switzerland require parents to teach the official curriculum in the national language. This is primarily to facilitate integration and to ensure that children can make the transfer back to local school if needed.

Very few cantons allow instruction in a different language as long as parents ensure that their child learn the local language.

What are the different rules?

In some cases, cantons allow parents to teach in a different language as long as they can credibly demonstrate that their stay is limited. These cantons may have different definitions of what they consider a limited stay, from under 12 months to a maximum of two years. There are also variations in terms of teaching time or the number of hours that need to be taught in the official language of instruction.

Working with a homeschool agency

Perhaps unsurprisingly, many international homeschool families end up recruiting an accredited language teacher to meet the cantonal requirements. In some cantons, homeschool agencies assist parents with everything from teacher recruitment to drafting timetables and reports for inspections. So, before you embark on your homeschooling adventure in Switzerland, be sure to find out about language requirements in the canton of you choice or consider working with a homeschooling agency.

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