Is Zug bringing back Gymnasium entrance exams?

Is Zug headed towards Gymnasium entrance exams?

The cantonal council of Zug is wary about the high number of children entering academic high school or Gymnasium after 6 years of primary school. In the current year 2022, the percentage increased to an all time high of 25.5%. In their view, this development is weakening the standing of non-academic pathways, that are considered the backbone of the Swiss economy. The council fears that the decrease in children taking the vocational training path will result in an even more dramatic shortage of skilled workers. Another concern is that Gymnasium schools are no longer able to maintain their high educational standards. 

This explains the latest motion by members of the Zug cantonal council to cap the Zug Gymnasium quota, if necessary by introducing entrance exams. This is not the first attempt to stop the steady increase in the Gymi entrance quote that rose from a mere 19% in 2019 to over 25% just three years later.

Entrance exam not the only way

However, the debate in parliament last month showed that there is no overall consensus for the re-introduction of an entrance exam, with many MPs fearing that this move would result in „teaching to the test“. Therefore, the motion was partially rejected.

While this might sound like good news to concerned parents, dreading Zürich style conditions, the debate is far from over: There is broad agreement across all political parties that it is necessary to curb high Gymnasium entrance quotas in the coming years.

The question now is how to achieve it. In a next step, parliament called upon local government to come up with different options to limit the high admission rate.
The exam option is not off the table just yet!

Low entrance quote from private schools

Interestingly, at the same time the entrance quota to Gymnasium or Kanti from private school declined from 9% last year to 7.8% in 2022.

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