Lehre or Gymi? How about both?

“Lehre or Gymi?” is a common choice faced by many students in Switzerland. “Lehre” refers to vocational training (apprenticeship), while “Gymi” stands for the gymnasium, which is the academic track leading to university education.

How about combining a vocational apprenticeship with gymnasium studies?”

The best of both worlds

The increasingly popular vocational baccalaureate allows students to pursue a dual path that incorporates elements of both vocational training and an academic education.

The vocational baccalaureate, also referred to as “Berufsmatura” or BM, is a unique pathway for high-achievers completing vocational training and education. Successfully completing BM not only equips students with practical skills but also provides them with the opportunity to pursue studies at a university of applied sciences. Additionally, ambitious individuals can explore university-level education at a traditional university or ETH by passing the supplementary examination, known as the “Passerelle.”

Excellent job perspectives

The findings from the salary study conducted by the Association of Graduates of Universities of Applied Sciences (FH Switzerland) reveal that graduates express high satisfaction with their professional situations and rate their employability very positively. Statistically, individuals holding a bachelor’s degree from a university of applied sciences are significantly more likely to secure leadership positions within five years of graduation. The median annual salary is 100,000 Swiss Francs, underscoring the tangible value of a university of applied sciences education.

A specialist education

A vocational baccalaureate or Berufsmatura is highly specialised and offers five different pathways. In 2022, most students chose Technology, Architecture, and Life Sciences as their specialist option. This will allow them to complete their Bachelor or Master studies at one of the universities of applied science offering programmes in information sciences, architecture, biology, pharmaceutical studies or engineering.

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