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Empowering globally mobile families to make the right school choice for their family.

Our Support for Expatriate Families

From working directly with parents find the right schools for their family to supporting international companies as they onboard their new international placement, our clients share the same goal- a successful integration into a new life in Switzerland.  Working with clients employed at Google, MSD, Johnson & Johnson, Biogen, Roche, Novartis, Glencore, Lonza, UBS, Credit Suisse and with many other expat communities, we help them achieve this by supporting their family as they decide upon and settle into their new school life.

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Choosing the right school option is a main concern for expat families.  But how to navigate the maze of private and public-school choices?

For Parents
Moving to Switzerland

We empower families to become familiar and confident with the Swiss education system and make informed choices for their children’s education.

For Parents
Settled in Switzerland

From starting school to  transitioning to the next stage – we offer ongoing advice & support as your family grows up. 

For Companies
in Switzerland

Global employee support.  We offer information & guidance for the onboarding of new staff and ongoing support service to meet the needs of the whole family.

Our Shared Successes

As the founder of Swiss Education Consulting, I feel honored to have accompanied so many families over the last 10 years and to see our client’s children thriving both in local and in private schools! I feel especially proud of their children who often joined the local system with no German and who have proven their resilience and courage by integrating into and flourishing in a different system! Read what our clients have to say:

Integrating older children
When we arrived in Switzerland, our then 7 and 9-year-old daughters had already been to schools in Great Britain and the Netherlands for 3 and five years, respectively. This obviously means that they were well past Kindergarten age and got thrown into the Swiss school system mid primary.

We knew that we wanted to be part of the local community, have local friends, introduce the girls to a second language and that Switzerland was going to be our home for the foreseeable future so we selected to send the girls to the local school route. We obviously knew nothing about the local system, only that it is totally different from what we were used to!

This is when we engaged the services of Stefanie. She was a good-sent! Stefanie helped us to find a local school that offered a good German programme and had some experience with integrating older children. Our children attended a German integration class for one year and then joined their regular class, my eldest went to grade 4 and my younger to grade 3 in our local village school.

Alice Cham

There are many ways to Rome
We moved here with 3 children. The oldest age 7, our daughter age 5 and the youngest age 3. Since we didn’t want to throw them straightaway in the local school system, we started with international school. After 2 years, we decided to change, and my oldest son started in the local Swiss school at the age of 9. As we have gone through the system we have confronted some of the urban myths like „your child will be rejected“ and then you get there and realize that it is not like that and that there are some great opportunities. The difficultly is knowing about them. This is where someone like Stefanie with knowledge of all the different options is priceless!

Tammy Zug

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  • Cultural differences 
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