Services for parents

Empowering you to make the right school choice for your family.


For Parents Moving to Switzerland

Choosing the right school option is a main concern for relocating families.

But how to navigate the maze of private and public school choices?

Swiss Education Consulting is the leading school consultant for international families in Switzerland.

We help you to make sense of educational options in Switzerland!


For Parents Settled in Switzerland

Parents already settled here may need advice and guidance as their family transitions to the next school stage, or when a change of school is required. 

Swiss Education Consulting offers ongoing support to help families beyond the settling-in phase and to make their educational journey a smooth one. 

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Upcoming Webinars:
June, 20th: Swiss School System Post Primary
July, 4th: Matura, IB or A Levels: Navigating High School Diploma Choices in Switzerland May, 15th, June, 7th: Starting School in Switzerland

Insightful informational events for parents of students starting or transitioning in public and private schools in Switzerland
  • Post Primary:
    – Transitions to Secondary School and Gymnasium
    – Public and Private School Options
  • Starting School:
    Learn about the local school system and how to get off a good start!