Reopening of schools in Switzerland: A Swiss patchwork

Reopening of schools: The Swiss patchwork

Since educational policy in Switzerland is decided by the cantons rather than the federal government, solutions for the reopening of schools on May, 11 also vary considerably:
While some cantons will be starting with all grades and full-time school, as for example canton Schwyz, other cantons like Zürich will begin with half-classes. In canton Geneva, half of the class will be taught in the morning and the other in the afternoon for the first two weeks. Students in the cycle d’orientation stay in their half-classes for the first four weeks.

While schools should reopen on the 11th of May, parents in Zug will have to wait until the 5th of May to find out more about how and when the different schools will start.

Some cantons start with KG up to grade 9 (Luzern), others with all classes up to year 13 (Basel Stadt und Land). Basel Stadt and Land will cancel Maturaprüfungen- as will Zürich. Matura students in Aargau by contrast, are still required to complete the written exam. Almost every canton seems to have its very own approach!
Luzern and Zürich are a case in point:

Luzern – immediate start for most grades.

Luzern will be re-opening schools for KG, primary and lower secondary school, including grades 1 and 2 of the Gymnasium. However, students will not be graded in all subjects.
After school and lunch care will also reopen on the 11th of May.
Gymnasium: Gymnasium will restart with the lower 2 grades of Untergymnasium and reopen successively for all grades. Matura students will have to sit their written Matura exams. Since the oral exams had to be cancelled, Matura students can expect a more ‚generous rounding-up‘ of their final mark.

Zürich – phased re-opening

While KG, primary and lower secondary school all resume on the 11th of May, teaching will take place in so-called half-classes. Classes with more than 15 students will be divided up into two classes and taught online and at school for 2-3 out of 5 days. Unlike in Luzern, lower Gymnasium along with all other upper secondary schools will remain closed until the 8th of June. Gymnasium students in their final year are not required to sit the Matura exam.
(Source: SRF website, 28th of April 2020)
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