Swiss local school. Why location matters

Location matters for successful integration into local Swiss school!

While Swiss public schools overall enjoy a good reputation, there are significant regional differences you should know about before settling on a location. 

From school hours and day care facilities to language support, academic selection and permeability, location matters when it comes to local Swiss school!

Choosing an area to live in

Places at local Swiss schools are allocated on the basis of school district boundaries. While the current rental market does not allow you to limit your search to one particular area, it is advisable to do your research before embarking on your apartment hunting adventure.

Stark regional differences

Whether availability and cost of childcare, language or secondary school streaming:
International families all have their unique needs. Working parents might want to choose a location with extended school hours or day schools. For older children in particular, availability of good quality language support is crucial for a successful integration into local Swiss schools. Also, depending on where you settle in Switzerland, French, not English might be the first foreign language.

Finally, the ease of access and entry rates for academic high schools also vary considerably across Switzerland and sometimes even between cantons!

Do your research!

This is why your ideal location will much depend on your circumstances and needs as a family. 

So before embarking on your Swiss adventure be sure to do some thorough research into different locations or engage the services of a knowable education consultant!
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2 thoughts on “Swiss local school. Why location matters”

  1. Hi Stefanie,
    Thanks for sharing. I think these are very good points. Unfortunately, it’s a bit hard for foreigners to do this amount of research and come up with a comprehensive view. It would be highly valuable, given your knowledge and expertise in this area, if you could provide such a view. I think there would be a lot of demand to purchase this report from you.

    Thank you!

    • Dear Nora, Thank you very much for your feedback. It is indeed hard to make sense of all the regional differences, especially since statistical information is not readily available to families not familiar with the system! Best wishes Stefanie


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