Changes to high school admission

Is the Gymi high school entrance exam getting tougher?

From February 2023 onwards, a new grade point average will be required in the entrance examination for high school aka Gymnasium in Zürich: Candidates must achieve at least a 4.75 in the final examination instead of the previous 4.5. Yet, according to the cantonal secondary school and vocational training office (MBA) this will not result in changes in overall pass rates.

Changes for entry into the Kurzzeitgymi

The biggest chance will be for entry after secondary school: From 2023 onwards, admission requirements will be more in line with admission after primary. However, requirements will vary greatly according to the streaming model in your local secondary. This makes the whole Gymi entry process even more confusing for parents!

Good exam performance is not enough!

What will not change though is the fact that the Gymi exam remains challenging. Students will still need excellent school grades to have a realistic chance to enter Gymnasium.

A look at last year’s exam grade point average illustrates this: Whether looking at language (3.4), mathematics (3.4) or essay writing (3.7) – the average performance in all examined subjects was well below a pass.

Parents waiting for changes in the overall admittance rate should not get their hopes up! In spite of a sustained population growth in the last years, the overall number of 12-year old students entering Gymnasium after primary school has changed very little with around 15% cantonwide. In 2021, over 4,600 primary school students took the exam for the long-term high school , and more than one in two did not get in.
(Source NZZ)

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