Local, bilingual or international school?

Local, bilingual or international school?

New to Switzerland and not sure which school option is the best for your child and your family? While local schools have a good reputation, it might not be the right fit for you and your family. Much depends on the age of your children, the length of stay and educational preferences.

Pros and Cons 

Local, bilingual and international schools all have their pros and cons: 

Local school offers a top-quality education for free and is arguably best for integration. However, parents will not find the same ready-made school community as they might get in an international school. What about pathways to high school ? Is a Swiss high school diploma best for studies abroad?

Bilingual school can be the best of both worlds but how easy is it to make the transition to local school? Is your child speaking one of the school languages at home ? What happens after primary school?

International school offers a widely recognised degree but little in terms of integration. How long are you planning to stay in Switzerland? Do you want your child to be able to speak the national language? What about finances? How easy is it to switch from international school to a state school should your plans change?

More questions? Book a private consulting session with your local education expert.

I will guide you through the different schooling options and together we identify the most suitable option for your children and family. More information on: 

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