What if my child fails the Gymi entrance exam?

What if my child doesn’t pass the Zürich Gymi entrance exam ? Failing to pass the Gymi entrance exam after all that hard work is a disheartening experience. Fortunately, there are still many alternative routes that you can consider.

Repeat the exam

Students who did not pass the entrance exam in year 6 of primary or year 2 of secondary school are able retake the exam for the four year Gymnasium track, also called Kurzzeitgymi. If your child is taking the exam in her last year of primary she will have to wait two years to sit the entrance exam, as this is only possible in the 2nd year of secondary school.  Students sitting the exam in the 2nd year of secondary school are able to do the retake a year later.  There are also special year 10 preparation classes allowing students to focus on retaking the Gymi exam. The Kurzgymi exam can be taken repeatedly, so long as the student is still under 18 by the 1st May in the year in which they want to start gymnasium.

Enter a specialist middle school

If your child narrowly missed the score, he might still qualify for entry to the FMS (specialist high school) or HMS (commercial high school). In Zürich, most of these school schools are also running Gymnasium programmes, so there will be crossover classes in which Gymi and specialist high school students are learning together. Regarding options for university entrance, the four year FMS and HMS programme leads to a specialist high school degree (Fachmatura) and offers access to Swiss Universities of Applied Sciences.

Combine vocational training and high school studies

An alternative option for your child is to complete a four year apprenticeship in combination with a professional high school degree or Berufsmatura alongside or after the apprenticeship. At the end of this route your child not only has gained a professional qualification but can still earn a Bachelor or a Masters degree from a University of Applied Sciences. 

Join a private high school

Zürich offers a number of private alternatives for students who are looking to complete a high school degree. From English international to bilingual schools to private Swiss Gymnasium- Zürich offers a wide range of options. There are also various options regarding the type of high school degree with some private schools preparing for the Swiss Matura and others for alternative university entrance qualifications, including the IB diploma, APs or A-levels.  

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