Educational consultant, teacher and public speaker

Stefanie Busse


The combination of my background as a professional schoolteacher in both Swiss public and private schools and being a parent that has moved internationally has not only given me first-hand insights into the Swiss education sector, but also a passion to help international families settle into their new school life. 

spent decades working with students of different ages, educational backgrounds, and abilities across a range of educational settings in Switzerland and abroad. This experience provides me unique perspectives on the pros and cons of various school options in Switzerland.

Schooling is a crucial topic for Expat parents. The challenges I saw parents face as they tried to make sense of different school systems and struggled to get meaningful information about available schooling options resonated with my own experiences as an Expat mother to school-aged children. It also inspired to me create Swiss Education Consulting nearly ten years ago, in 2012.

I am proud to count with a vast network of hand-picked and top-quality collaborators in the field of inclusion and learning needs as well as college and career coaching.

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Upcoming Webinars:
August, 22nd: Starting School in Switzerland

Insightful informational event for parents of students starting local Kindergarten and primary school in Switzerland
All you need to know about:
  • The local Kindergarten and school system.
  • How to get off to a good start 
  • Cultural differences 
  • How to best support your child